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I’m not suicidal I’m just not scared of death
I’m not smart i just get good grads
I’m not depressed i just get sad sometimes
I’m not bitch i just don’t like you and am done trying with you
I’m not scared of commitment i just don’t feel like sex is what a relationship is about
I’m not fake i just don’t want to act like a middle schooler
I’m not all these things you tell the world i am so please stop telling them so


Okay! After a pretty frustrating editing session… here are Patrick Stump’s scenes as Micah from House 8x17 “We Need the Eggs.”

All 3 minutes of it!!

I apologize if there’s a bit of interlacing; that must’ve happened because of Tumblr’s uploader and there’s nothing more I can do about it.

If you want to see the full episode, we downloaded the whole video from this site. :)

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